Family offices, trusts and foundations

The successful management and protection of wealth for ultra-high net worth families requires sophisticated and discrete legal support. A general sense of unease about political instability in Russia means that many family offices now look to established centres such as London and Geneva as a base for their administrative headquarters.

Svetlova LLP is a trusted source of guidance and support to family offices, and we normally advise that a family member is in place with us from the start to monitor transactions and other family office activity.

As co-publishers of Russia’s Wealth Creators, 2009-2014, we have an unrivalled understanding of the forward planning necessary for Russian businessmen to protect their assets and secure the futures of their families.

Trusted wealth management advice for family offices

Svetlova LLP’s Russian speaking solicitors in central London work closely with several family offices in the United Kingdom, Geneva, Cyprus and Moscow. We advise in several key areas, including:

  • Establishing family trusts or foundations — this safeguards family assets in a private manner and enables family members to retain a high degree of control over the work of the foundation.
  • Setting up foundations — trusts are not legally recognised in every country, so a foundation alternative can achieve the same discrete, efficient wealth management and tax efficient way of separating assets.
  • Drafting wills — we ensure that individual family members have watertight wills in place, and we arrange for them to be reviewed and updated at appropriate intervals.

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