London intellectual property solicitors

Our clients are innovators. They create valuable assets on a global scale. For many of the businesses and individuals we represent, intellectual property, brand reputation and commercial know-how are the foundations of their success. Time and energy are invested in these resources. At Svetlova LLP in central London, we:

  • Register trademarks and patents
  • Help you commercialise your intellectual property to maximise the benefit to your business
  • Protect your brand and commercial reputation from infringement by competitors
  • Ensure that you or your business is not exposed to costly legal actions for alleged breaches of intellectual property law

Protecting your trademarks, copyright and branding

Intellectual property presents both opportunities and threats to businesses and individuals. Many of our clients are from Russian and the former CIS republics with cross-border interests. From our central London location, we advise clients on their intellectual property in the UK and internationally.

In most cases, there is no need for you to come to the UK to conduct intellectual property matters. Our experienced solicitors will take detailed instructions before acting on your behalf.

We specialise in:

  • UK, European and international trademark registration and protection
  • Copyright infringement
  • Design rights and protection
  • Patent protection in the UK and abroad
  • Brand protection
  • The management of confidential and commercially sensitive information

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