Svetlova LLP


Immigration (start-up and innovator
visas, uk and eu citizenships)

The UK, particularly London, has always been attractive to overseas families as a place to establish roots. Britain’s economic vibrancy means that it is also an excellent location for foreign companies. Today, wealthy families from abroad and overseas companies are choosing to relocate to London for a number of reasons:

The UK’s favourable non-domicile regime.
Political stability.
Robust regulatory authorities.
Security and personal safety.
The capital’s convenient location.
London’s status as an international business hub.
Exceptional educational facilities.

Svetlova LLP advises overseas clients, including many high-net-worth families from Russia and former CIS republics, China and other countries as well as foreign companies that require discreet advice about the possibility of moving to the UK and obtaining the necessary residence permits.

We advise on all aspects of UK immigration, and if you aim to establish your business in the UK, we provide specialist guidance to potential investors and entrepreneurs.

We advise on:

Start-up and Innovator Visas.
Family visas for those coming to the UK for more than six months.
Applications to settle in the UK (residence cards).
How to become a British citizen.
Student sponsor licences (Tier 4).
Employee sponsorship (Tier 2 and Tier 5).
European and off-shore passports.