UK immigration procedures for investors

Britain remains at the forefront of global innovation and wealth creation. It is a country that embraces those with entrepreneurial talent and business people willing to invest.

Svetlova LLP in central London offers a tailor-made service to individuals and businesses wishing to apply under the Tier 1 visa programme. Many of our clients come from Russia and the former CIS republics.

We process immigration applications scrupulously so that they stand the greatest chance of success. Attention to detail is key. We:

  • Ensure your documentation is in order
  • Meet deadlines
  • Painstakingly observe all necessary immigration procedures

Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visas

Designed for people from outside the EEA who wish to set up a business in the UK, this type of permit is only available to those with access to £50,000 in investment funds. The criteria are relaxed if you have more than £200,000. Benefits of the visa include:

  • Three years’ UK residency, which can be extended by up to another three years
  • The opportunity to apply for settlement in the UK after five years
  • The ability to run more than one business
  • The potential to bring family members with you to the UK

Tier 1 (Investor) Visas

Business people from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland investing more than £1 million in the UK are eligible for investor visas which:

  • Enable you to invest in government bonds and UK companies
  • Allow you to work or study
  • Are issued for a period of three years
  • Permit you to apply for settlement after two years if further funds are invested
  • Allow you to bring your husband, wife or partner and children under 18 to the UK

Our Fixed-Fee Promise

We value honest, profitable working relationships with our clients, and for us this means having a frank discussion about costs before we do any work on your behalf. By agreeing on a fixed fee with you at an early stage, you get reassurance, and we can concentrate fully on your immigration case.

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