Sponsorship Licence for UK Employers

Sponsorship Licence for UK employers (Tier 2 and Tier 5)

Employment of people from outside the EU has become an extremely important issue for many employers in the UK.

Non-EU residents aiming to work in the UK are required to apply for the appropriate visa, enabling them to legally enter the UK for employment. There are various types of working visas available to different categories of workers. Tier 2 (General) is one of the options employers seeking to hire an overseas applicant might consider.

To be eligible to hire non-EU nationals, employers need to obtain a sponsor licence from the UK Immigrations and Visas department. If an employer secures this licence, it will be able to grant a sponsorship allowing the employee to enter and work in the UK for that particular employer.

We offer our full assistance in obtaining a sponsorship license for those wishing to hire international workers for their business.

How to obtain a sponsor licence?

First of all, the company must ensure that it is eligible to make an application. Directors of a company that have any unspent criminal convictions for immigration offences or, for example, money laundering will not be able to get a sponsor license. In addition, there should not be any history of failing to carry out previous sponsorship duties.

In other words the licence can be granted to genuine business operating in the UK legally. The company applying for sponsor licence must be capable of proving that.

You also would need to demonstrate that it has appropriate systems in place to monitor sponsored employees. This includes an appointment of people within the business who will manage the sponsorship process.

In addition, you need to demonstrate that by employing this particular worker you are filling a gap in the UK labour force, meaning there are no suitable candidates residing in the UK that match the your requirements for the vacancy in question. In most cases, employers can prove this by showing they have extensively advertised the position for 28 days. You must demonstrate that you genuinely could not find a qualified worker. Some categories of potential employees are exempt from this test.

Finally, when the application is submitted it usually takes approximately 8 weeks for the decision to take place. If the application was successful, you would be able to grant a “Certificate of sponsorship” to your potential employees. They would need this certificate in order to apply for a visa.

It is important to remember that even after the sponsorship has been granted, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) may visit your business to check you carry out your duties as a sponsor appropriately. The sponsorship licence will be valid for 4 years and it is necessary to re-apply before it expires if the business still willing to employ international workers.

It is commonly known that immigration legislation is constantly changing and what is relevant today might not be relevant in the near future. Therefore, Svetlova LLP is ready to assist your business with the whole process of obtaining a sponsorship licence and any issues that might arise from out of it. Our high-skilled immigration lawyers will help you to prepare all the documents and application itself, which will give you a great chance of success in this rather complex process.

If you are considering applying for a sponsorship licence, or have any questions as to how this process might work for you, please contact Tatiana Svetlova on tsvetlova@svetlovallp.com.

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