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Dispute Resolution


Disputes are part of life. If you do business, you are bound to face some difficulties that require third party involvement at some point. Our advice is: avoid going to court at all costs. Traditional litigation is not always the best route for resolving disputes.

Mediation provides a beneficial and popular route to dispute resolution. It involves a mediator, who helps both sides come to an agreement. Unlike a judge, the mediator does not reach a decision. Rather, the mediator uses joint and private sessions to facilitate communication between the parties, and assists them in reaching an acceptable agreement. In our experience, it generally avoids a lot of stress, saves money and a considerable amount of time (often years).

There are many advantages of using mediation:

Speed: while a case in a court may take months or years to resolve, mediation achieves a resolution in a matter of hours or days.
Cost-effective: while a mediator charges a fee, the mediation process takes much less time than moving a case through litigation. Less time means less cost.
Mediation is future-focused – it helps parties put disputes behind them and avoid the personal and commercial effects of being engaged in expensive and lengthy disputes.
Confidentiality: while court hearings are public, mediation is strictly confidential. Only the parties in the dispute and the mediator know the details. If parties are unable to reach agreement and it goes to litigation, details from the mediation will not be disclosed or used at a court hearing.
Mediation is flexible: it can be used at any stage of a dispute.

Svetlova LLP’s partner Thomas Salamon is an accredited mediator (and a solicitor of the Higher Courts of England and Wales), and is available for appointment as mediator in all types of dispute. Please call us for a confidential consultation.