At Svetlova LLP in central London we help clients take advantage of the Malta Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme, the first EU approved citizenship programme.

Who is Maltese citizenship aimed at?

Many of our clients are the kind of international ultra-high net worth individuals at whom the CBI Programme is specifically aimed at. To meet the requirements of the scheme, you and your family must undergo a rigorous due diligence examination, adding to the respect with which holders of this type of citizenship are viewed.

Malta CBI: successful applicants not only become citizens of an EU Member State that is stable, neutral and highly respected. They enjoy many other benefits too, including the right of establishment in all EU countries and lifetime citizenship which can be passed down through the generations.

Malta CBI: the requirements

Citizenship is granted to suitable individuals and families who have been resident in Malta for a period of twelve months before a certificate of naturalization is issued, and who qualify under the very strict due diligence regime.

All individuals and families must make a significant contribution to the National Development and Social Fund. Minimum contribution levels are:

  • €650,000 for the main applicant
  • €25,000 for each spouse and minor child
  • €50,000 for each dependant child aged between 18 and 26 years and for each dependant parents over 55

Other costs include due diligence fees. These are

  • €7,500 for main applicant
  • €5,000 for spouses, adult children and parents
  • €3,000 for each child between 13 and 18

The applicant must commit to retain a residence in Malta for a period of at least 5 years, either through the purchase of a property valued at at least €350,000, or through leasing of a property, for which the minimum annual rent must exceed €16,000. In addition, an investment of €150,000 in Government approved financial instruments, which must be maintained for a minimum period of 5 years is required.

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