Second citizenship or citizenship by investment

Svetlova LLP in central London represents ultra-high net worth individuals and their families who wish to establish a connection with the UK. For some, the desire is for permanent residence, and for others the aim is to be able to live in the UK for part of the year, for example during term time.

We understand that the priority of parents is to cause the minimum amount of disruption to the lives of their children during formative years.

UK visas leading to British citizenship are just one route to achieving the goals of our clients. It can take five years to secure full British citizenship however, and the granting of citizenship is not guaranteed. In addition you will need to spend the majority of your time in the UK, which is not possible for our clients. If you have decided to obtain the UK citizenship, it is most likely that you will become a tax resident in the UK, which often is not desirable for our clients’ long term goals. Many of our clients are unwilling to endure this level of prolonged uncertainty and come to us for tailor-made advice on how to make second citizenship applications to other governments.

We are specialists in this area, acting with discretion for many Russian businessmen and their families, and families from the former CIS republics.

Getting citizenship through investment and other programmes

Svetlova LLP acts regularly for people who opt to apply for second citizenship of other countries, including St. Kitts and NevisDominicaCyprus and Malta providing them with generally unfettered access to the UK, Europe and over 100 other countries.

Second citizenship offers many advantages:

  • You receive flexible entry and exit to the UK.
  • The schemes are legitimate and recognised as authentic by the UK and other European countries.
  • You normally do not need to travel to the country to enjoy the benefit of the scheme.
  • Visa-free travel to the UK and other EEA countries is available.

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