02 November 2015. Tier 1 Investor Visa: New Rules

02 November 2015. Tier 1 Investor Visa: New Rules

The new changes to immigration rules for Tier 1 Investor Visa applicants have been introduced by the Home Office this year:

1. Now Investor Visa applicants must open a UK bank account before making an application for a visa. Therefore applicants will have to stay longer in the UK to open a required account.

2. Before the changes were introduced, problems tended to arise when applicants failed to note that their qualifying investments went down in value. This usually led to The Home Office rejecting to renew investor visas for failure to hold minimum investments for duration of the visa. In such cases the applicants had to invest additional funds. Under new rules, even if qualifying investments go down in value beneath the required threshold, applicants do not need to top it up anymore, provided that when they sell qualifying investments at a loss, they have to reinvest the proceeds in a new qualified investment within 6 months from date of sale.

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